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Plot Hooks and Ideas

A Drop Off & Pick Up Point for Writers' Ideas.

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Welcome to plot_hooks.

We are [yet another] Livejournal community for writers, but one that's a little bit different from most. This is a community for ideas won't be used by their originators. Your ideas. Our ideas. Posted and shared about for anyone whose interest is piqued by them.

It doesn't have to be a story idea, either - RPG story/chronicle ideas are welcome, as are multipurpose ideas that can be used for either (or both!).

  • Over-run by plot bunnies? You can offload a few of those wicked little critters here and let them latch onto someone else's ankles.

  • Your In Nomine players have totally taken play off the story map you had planned. It happens. Post it up, & let another GM take her chances with it.

  • Hit a wall with your epic Space Opera? Take a peek through the post to see if there's anything that sparks your intersteller interests.

  • It's the night before the guys are coming over for a free-form roleplaying session, and you've got nothing. You can fix that here and save face with your friends.

And now, because everyone needs a few rules...

un The LJ-cut is your friend if your post is more than two paragraphs long.
deux The LJ-cut is also your friend if you are posting an idea that is NWS - anything rated R or NC-17.
trois All post are communal propterty. Once you post it, you've lost control over what gets done with it.
quatre This is comm for sharing ideas, not stories/poems/RP transcripts. It's fine if you post a paragraph or two from a story as inspiration, but what you've done with the inspiration you find here shouldn't get posted.
cinq Fanfic ideas are kosher, but please keep in mind we are not a fic request or challenge community.
six Posts with links to writing resources are fine.
sept Pleased to be tagging your post with the genre/type of your idea.

If you'd like clarification on any of these rules, please refer to this post to have them explained in a little more detail. If there's still something that's not making with the sense, you can email the maintainers.

Break 'em, and we'll remind you nicely in a comment to edit your post. After a reasonable amount of time, if you still haven't done so, we'll delete your post. Break 'em three times, and you will no longer be welcome here. We're not evil, vile creatures (Well, the jury's still out on that.) but we do have limits.